Privacy Statement

Lisochem recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and data. This implies a commitment on our part to respect for privacy and the adoption of practices applicable to the collection, maintenance and use of personal information and data.

Within the framework of this website, your personal information is integrated into our database for internal use or for direct marketing purposes. Your contact information is not shared with third parties.

Use of your personal data

Respect for your privacy is one of Lisochem’s concerns.
On this website, no personal data, names, addresses, e-mails, etc. is recorded except for the content of the contact and registration forms in order to ensure the correct execution of your request to the recipient.

If you choose not to provide us with the personal data we request, we will not be able to answer your question.

Information from these forms will not be rented or sold to third parties.

Contact and registration forms

The encrypted data is also sent by email to different boxes belonging to Lisochem. These boxes (password protected) are managed by Lisochem staff who guarantee the protection of this data.

Our contact information

LiSoChem SRL
Rue de le Mesnil, 34
5670 Viroinval
Phone: +32 (0) 483 367 323 (Direct line)
VAT: BE 0745.710.264