LisoFloor 950

Harderner & Sealer for concrete surface.
LisoFloor 950 is a hardener combining a set of silicates of the latest generation.

For floors that require a high polish.

Very easy to use.

LisoFloor 950, this hardener combines a combination of the latest generation of silicates. A new potassium silicate combined with the latest developments in lithium silicate and this combination can be sprayed on new or old concrete.

Excellent anti-dust, an increase in surface hardness between 15 and 25% and an exceptional waterproofing. This aqueous solution, simple to use, requires no rinsing with water and complies with the VOC standards in force worldwide. This product penetrates more deeply thanks to the small size of both Potassium and Lithium molecules This product is also recommended for floors that require a high polish to increase the durability of the surface.


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