LisoTop 550

The Perfect Protection For all types of Wood
LisoTop 550 is a colourless, waterproofing, oleophobic and anti-graffiti treatment for all types of wood used indoors and outdoors.

Clear product that will not change the appearance of the surface.

Good permeability to water vapour transmission.

LisoTop 550 is a high performance water-based Fluorinated polymer designed to give superior oil and water repellence to all interior and exterior wood surfaces. LisoTop 550 is non-toxic, odourless, non-flammable and easy to use, small molecular structure (0,029 Micron) penetrates deep into the wood fibres without changing its appearance.

LisoTop 550 provides excellent water & oil repellence and is stain resistant. The treated surfaces are easily cleanable. The treated LisoTop 550 has no surface film to peel or wear off and is therefore more durable.

Anticipated life expectancy of the treated surface is 5-10 years (depending on application and use).


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